How To Use

Plug in your adapter

1. Lift and hold the boot on the jigsaw where a blade would normally be inserted.

2. Insert the adapter until it reaches the end.

3. Lower the boot to secure the adapter in place. 


Getting started

Power your jigsaw massage gun before it comes in contact with your body.  Let it gently glide along the muscles and only apply as much pressure as you are comfortable with.  


This is a soft tissue device only.  Stay away from the spine and other bony areas.  Use on the muscles only.


How long should I use my jigsaw massager? 

We recommend treating each body part for 45-90 seconds depending on the size.  At this rate you should be able to complete a full body session within 15 minutes. 

How fast should I move my jigsaw massager?

Take your time while gliding along the muscles.  The slower you go the more effective the massage will be.  Aim for 1 to 2 inch per second.