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Jigsaw Massage Adapter - Heavy Duty - Fits Worx Axis Jigsaw - ADAPTER ONLY

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This includes:

- Adapter fits the ‘Worx Axis’ Jigsaw (Jigsaw Sold Separately)

- 3 Massage Heads to accommodate the differently sized muscle groups of the body.

- 5 Year Warranty

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Professional therapists have been using extremely similar massage guns for years due to their effectiveness for recovery.  Unfortunately these guns can range from $400-$600 which can be expensive for many people.  With your Worx Jigsaw (sold separately) and our adapter, you will get these same recovery benefits at a fraction of the cost.  Not only will you save hundreds, but you will have twice the power and a longer battery life due to the larger battery.                 
DESIGNED TO LAST  Each adapter is machined from Stainless Steel and designed to fit the Worx Axis Jigsaw.  The Worx Axis jigsaw accepts a larger shank than standard jigsaws.  Our unique design utilizes the FULL 1/2 inch width and thickness allowed by the Worx Axis Jigsaw to provide maximum strength and durability, ensuring your recovery needs for years to come! Standard jigsaw adapters utilize a 1/4 inch shank and are prone to bending/breaking under pressure.  Jigworx utilizes a 1/2 inch shank and includes 5 Year Warranty.  
TARGETED PAIN RELIEF  With your jigsaw massage gun you can apply DIRECT PRESSURE to your trigger points to help ease muscle tension and accelerate the muscle recovery process.   
INCREASE BLOOD-FLOW AND CIRCULATION  The massage head can impact the muscles at 20-30 times per second.  This will direct blood flow directly into that muscle region to further assist the healing process.
CUSTOM MASSAGE INTENSITY  The Worx Axis jigsaw has a variable speed trigger allowing you to go from 800-2500 times per minute.  The recommended speed is approximately 2,000 strokes per minute.  (Hold trigger 2/3rds of the way) 
CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE  This will be your mobile masseuse that you can take with you anywhere you go!
AMERICAN MADE  Adapter is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA.